Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Film Festival '14

Schools in the Manaiakalani Cluster
were in the 7th Annual
Manaiakalani Film Festival
This year, the 7th Annual Manaiakalani Film Festival was held at Hoyts Cinemas in Sylvia Park, on what is the biggest movie screen in the world.

Schools from all around the Manaiakalani Cluster showcased films made from their students, with the help of technology and movie techniques.

We, as Tamaki Primary, showcased our films too, along with the other amazing yet short films!

To see our school movies made by our students, click below to watch them:

Tamaki Primary School

- We're So Fancy (Room 8)
- Along the Shore (Room 8)

- Turtle Tragedy (Room 4)
- Keep the Ocean Clean (Room 10)
- Taniwha (Room 1)
- Epic Rap Battle - Tagata o le Moana (Room 7)
- The Sea Turtle (Room 3)
- Nature Tastes Good! (Room 5)

But as said, we weren't the only school! Take a look at some of the other films from the other schools by clicking here. Be sure to post a comment on some of them!

Digging more into the students now, some were new to the Manaiakalani way of learning, some of them Year 8's, so, this Manaiakalani Film Festival would be their first film festival, and possibly their last, that is, if they go on to another college that is not in the Manaiakalani Cluster.

That's all for now, stay on the Tamaki Way!