Friday, 22 May 2015

Pink Primary Pupils - Pink Shirt Day in Tamaki Primary!

Today is Pink Shirt Day for 2015. All around New Zealand, people from all corners, such as schools, workplaces, and other places, celebrated this day. Tamaki Primary was one of the schools celebrating and participating in this day against bullying.

Participating in a sea of pink shirts and pink items and accessories, Tamaki Primary, and with the help of their Student Councillors, organized an assembly dedicated to the day. The assembly included a performance from the school band (with songs related to self-power, confidence, hope) , a skit performed from the Student Council, a short video made by the Student Council, and tonnes of fun all throughout.

Throughout the day, in Morning Tea and Lunchtime, everyone was surprisingly being aware of bullying when they saw it, and was being friendly in the courts, playground, and on the field!

In total, we all raised - a little over one-hundred dollars! All the money raised will be donated to the Mental Health Foundation New Zealand.