Sunday, 25 January 2015

Weather for Term One, Week One!

Know when to cool down with this week's weather report...

Tuesday 27th January:
To start off the term, with a high of 27 degrees celsius (low 19, possibly), we should expect to see hardly any rain with precipitation chances being below 40%. Meaning, more than 60% of a sunny day. That's great! South easterly winds will get up to about 16 km/h. Other than that, a great start to the term and school year.

Wednesday 28th January:
Onto the second day of term one now, and the winds might start to ease up a bit, going over 20 kilometres per hour, and maybe a chance of rain. Although, there is a bigger chance of not having rain, so never fear. We could possibly have a high of 29 degrees celsius, and a possible low of 19 degrees celsius.

Thursday 29th January:
Third's the word for Thursday! With a high of a possible 28 degrees (low maybe 20 degrees), you can hope for no rain with a high chance of over 30% of rain to drizzle our day. But again, it's almost sunny. With a top wind speed going up to possibly 29 degrees, we may face some winds over 20 kilometres per hour.

Friday 30th January:
A low of 21 degrees, with a high of 27, to end the school week, we have a chances of rain ready to come out on the weekend, but hopefully it doesn't spoil our last day of the school week, with small winds rising up to about 21 kilometres per hour.

That is your weather for this week. May not go as well but these are predictions.

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