Saturday, 31 January 2015

Weather Report for Term One, Week Two

Term One, Week Two

Onto the second week of Term One, and for this week we may see some chances of rain rise up and ease down to a fair chance of a rainy or sunny day.

Monday 2nd February:
For Monday we start off with a high chance of showers, which then decrease onto an easy 24%. Luckily, for parts of the day, you can expect a cloudy but a little sunny for the day. A north westerly breeze comes in, going up to just 23 kilometres per hour. Highest temperature probably about 28 degrees celsius, while a low might be just 21.
Tuesday 3rd February:
Another day with chances of showers that will decrease throughout the day, highest being 48%. Winds suddenly turn from northwesterlies to southwesterlies, reaching up to 30 or under kilometres per hour. Highest temperature could be 26 degrees and lowest could be 21, again.

Wednesday 4th February:
Amazingly enough, Wednesday could be the less-rainiest day so far! With chances of rain less than 10%, expect for a cloudy but sunny day, with western winds at a "breezy" speed, clocking between 20 and 30 kilometres per hour. Highest temperature could be a 26, while a low could be a 19.

Thursday 5th February:
Last day for the week (since Friday is Waitangi Day), and we end the week off with...possible rain, with chances suddenly soaring through the 10%, and reaching into the 70s. Westerly winds go up to about 20 kilometres or faster, depending on what happens. Bring a raincoat, just in case this actually comes true. Highest temperature might be 22 degrees, while lowest might be 19.

Friday 6th February:
With Waitangi Day, it's better than Wednesday, with chances of rain dropping below Wednesday's chances. We can hope for the chances of rain, or rain in particular, to back off for the day, leaving us with a warm and mostly sunny day, temperatures going from a high 23, to a low 18. Although we have sunny parts in our day, stay aware about the southwesterly winds, possibly reaching up to 30 kilometres or higher.

That's the weather for this week. Enjoy.

Weather data provided by 3, or possibly more, websites. Weather may be different than what is read in this so please, stay safe and aware in the outdoors. In case of a situation where the Weather Report is technically right for a week, be glad to have the Weather Report on the Tamaki Primary School News website.

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