Monday, 9 February 2015

Weather Report (Mon 9th - Fri 13th)

Term One, Week Three

Today for Monday, it was a cloudy yet sunny day for the school. No possible rain disturbed today, although sun protection wasn't ignored.

Low temperature: 18 or 19 degrees celsius
High temperature: 24 or 25 degrees celsius
Low chances of rain, mostly sunny day with a few clouds, but sun protection still out.
Wind speeds more than 20 kilometres per hour

Low: 16 degrees celsius
High: 23-25 degrees celsius
Extremely low chances of rain for us, but partly cloudy throughout most of the day.
Sun protection advised.
Wind speeds still a bit over 20 kilometres per hour but also, slower than Tuesday's.

Low: 17 or 16 degrees celsius
High: 23 degrees celsius
Again, really low chances of rain for us on Thursday. Partly cloudy, but sunny as well. Winds decrease into the night, leaving a possible slight breeze for Friday.
Sun protection advised.

Low: 17-18 degrees celsius
High: 24-26 degrees celsius
For this superstitious day, we can expect, again, low chances of rain, with clouds appearing to block the sun, but never fear, it's also sunny for other parts in the day.
As said, the winds ease down below 20 kilometres per hour.
Sun protection advised and encouraged.

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